Lily, The foundling

The only inhabitant of Sanctuary to not be born in the city. Her origins are unknown.


A svelte, shy child, Lily appears to be approximately 16 years old but her true age is unknown. When she first arrived at Sanctuary she appeared to be around 12 years old so it seems that she grows at a normal human pace. She has raven colored hair which shimmers a luminous blue when caught by the light. She has unnaturally pale skin with a hint of a blue hue. Her unusual appearance has caused some to speculate she is some form of heretofore unseen subrace of Tiefling.

Lily’s wide eyes are pupilless and the sclera is a deep red similar to that of an albino but darker. Despite this she clearly has full, unhindered vision. She has an ornate mark on her forehead, the meaning of which is unknown despite the best efforts of Alairia Whitefield.

Lily is mute. She has not spoken a word in any language since her arrival in Sanctuary. However she does understand several languages including Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Gnomish and most surprisingly Undercommon. She is also highly literate and often communicates in hastily scrawled messages.


Lily appeared at the gates of Sanctuary one day several years ago. She was first noticed by the posted guards when she politely but firmly knocked on the gate. Despite repeated interrogations, the guards in question swore that there was no sign of anyone approaching the gates before the knocks were first heard. Her appearance caused quite a stir and was regarded with a high level of suspicion by the community. Rightly so too as this was the first recorded evidence of life beyond Sanctuary for over 600 years.

Despite severe misgivings, Lily was allowed entry into the city by Grand Arbiter Garvin Barrows at the insistence of Alairia Whitefield. She successfully argued that if Lily was some form of fiend or undead the full might of the Church of Sorana could be brought to bear against her, rendering the threat negligible. And if she was truly alive they had every responsibility to provide the child sanctuary, as laid out in the Holy accords written hundreds of years before.

Once she was safely inside the city Lily was magically tested for glamours, charms or any residual malignant magics. Nothing was found. Despite her appearance she was healthy, harmless and alive. That said, she does not appear to have any knowledge of her time before Sanctuary and could not tell how she survived the hostile lands surrounding the city.

She was eventually taken in by Alairia, who treats her as a daughter and gave her the name Lily. Since then she has become something of a celebrity within Sanctuary which is unfortunate for Lily as she is painfully shy. Despite this she is much loved for she is a sweet, good hearted girl who is always willing to help her adoptive mother in Sanctuary’s library and often gifts those she loves with tiny hand whittled sculptures which she carves in her spare time.

Lily, The foundling

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