Grand Arbiter Garvin Barrows

Head of the Church of Sorana in Sanctuary. Father of Kira Barrows


A tall, severe looking man, Garvin is an imposing figure. Though past his prime, he nonetheless possesses a muscular frame, evidence of a lifetime of hard work in severe circumstances. He has black hair, peppered with silver, which he keeps short. His facial hair is heavily stubbled. His steel grey eyes shine with intelligence and perpetually appear to be sizing up and judging whomever his gaze rests upon.

He is usually clad in either dark grey robes of office or ornate plate armour with a black great cloak, depending on the situation. He is rarely seen without his scythe, a large runed wicked looking weapon which he uses as both a divine focus and as a brutal weapon of war.


The Grand Arbiter is the head of the Church of Sorana in Sanctuary. He is a spiritual leader, a war hero, a teacher and a father. Like all residents of Sanctuary he has lived there his entire life. He is however, more traveled than most residents.

As a young cleric conscripted into military service, he ranged quite far into the desolation surrounding Sanctuary. His squad (later widely and affectionately known as "The Twilight Vanguard ") were instrumental in foiling the early plans of the Dread Necromancer Nebuchadnezzar, a mad but extremely powerful wizard who had plans to carve out an undead empire on the ruins of Sanctuary itself. It was Garvin, in concert with The Twilight Vanguards leader, the Half-Elf ranger Elisys Silverstar, who finally slew Nebuchadnezzar in a swirling melee atop the walls of Sanctuary during the siege known as The Dread War.

After his military service was complete he rose rapidly in the ranks of the church of Sorana, largely due to his wartime reputation and his willingness to make hard decisions in the best interests of the church and city. He was the youngest appointed Grand Arbiter the church had seen. After his rise to the head of the church, he turned his attention to arcane arts, taking a keen interest in Necromancy which he felt he must understand for the benefit of Sorana.

He is the father of Kira Barrows and is a father figure to both Khorvin and Lavinia.

Grand Arbiter Garvin Barrows

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