Alairia Whitefield

The primary arcane professional within Sanctuary. Serves as head librarian.


A woman in her early 30s. Alaria has shoulder length, straight red hair. She is typically attired in a custom made, blue, soft leather jerkin and dress, suitable for combat. Despite spending most of her time in Sanctuary’s library, she is almost always dressed appropriately for combat. She wears a heavy belt adorned with various pouches and component bags.

She wears a single fingerless glove, primarily blue, with silver thread weaving an intricate pattern throughout the glove. This glove is Alairia’s arcane focus. A matching glove without the silver thread throughout is worn on her other hand.

She is 5’8 and has a relatively slender build.

Confident and self-assured, Alairia Whitefield was acknowledged as a prodigy at an early age. She was presented to the then Wizard Master Deven “The Doombreaker” Kendrick by her parents at the age of two. Her parents had correctly ascertained they could not look after their daughter who despite barely being old enough to walk was manifesting elemental powers of already considerable force. Recognizing Alairia’s burgeoning arcane powers, the elderly Deven took the girl in and spent the next 7 years raising and teaching her what he could in the time he had left. Her upbringing was abnormal, even compared to the often disrupted childhoods of most citizens of Sanctuary.

Alairia proved to be a bright, curious and adept student but was stubborn and often reckless in both her studies and her social interactions. She was schooled in the fundamentals of many fields, primarily arcane, but also history, religion, naturalism, philosophy and politics. When Alairia was 9, Devin Kendrick was killed during one of many incursions into Sanctuary by The Dread Necromancers forces in the years leading up to the Dread War. Alairia was made a ward of the state and her training was continued by various tutors, each an expert in their field. Alaria loved her guardian and following his death her demeanor changed significantly. Where once she was reckless and headstrong, she became determined and calculating.

Throwing herself into her studies for several years, she trained relentlessly, her affinity for elemental magics pushing her into the further study of evocation magic and making her particularly suited for the role of a Combat Mage. By the age of 16 she was a capable magic user and one of the premier intellectuals within Sanctuary. Having reached the limits of what she could learn in a controlled environment she was imbedded into a military squadron by Kagar Shieldbreaker, the overseer of Sanctuary at the time.
Alaria was involved in several successful missions with Squad 24601 but her military career was cut short by tragedy during the Dread War. Her squadron was disbanded after the war. Alairia, still technically a ward of Sanctuary, was reassigned to the Blades of Sorana.

Over the next few years, working closely with Evette Ashenmore and several other notable Blades of Sorana, Alaria hunted down the remnants of the Dread Necromancers forces. They were often joined by Kaspar Winters on particularly dangerous missions. Following a failed mission in which several comrades were killed, Alairia, tiring of the never ending cycle of training and fighting her life had been up to this point demanded to be released from her service to the city. Despite considerable dissent from several power-brokers within the city she was released from her service by Cethern Riverglade who had assumed the role of Overseer during this time of relative peace.

In recent years Alaria has taken on the role of Head Librarian of Sorana’s sacred library. Finding an unexpected maternal instinct within herself she took in a foster child, Lily.
Despite not being aligned with any factions within the city, she wields considerable political power and is acknowledged as the most powerful magic user in Sanctuary. She enjoys rare autonomy within the city and devotes her time where she chooses, most often at the library, but often assisting eager students, offering advice to the leaders of the city and church and providing personal tutoring for select individuals such as Lily and Lavinia Vanais.

Alairia is close friends with Evette Ashenmore and Dawn Silverstring. She is highly protective of Lily and Lavinia. She describes her relationship with Kaspar Winters as “complicated”. She mantains a good working relationship with Grand Arbiter Garvin Barrows. She distrusts and dislikes Marcus Greybrook and General Kagar Shieldbreaker.

Alairia Whitefield

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